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Recommendations for the installation

The mounting of the items made of the eco-polymer.

Before proceeding with the mounting of the items made of the eco-polymer it is necessary to keep them in the premise for a day so they will not deform but securely attach to the surfaces.

Preparation for mounting. The items made of the eco-polymer are mounted using the following set of tools and materials:

  • Hacksaw with a small tooth and miter box / trimming saw;
  • Rubber spatula;
  • Fastening gun;
  • Putty or adhesive (we recommend using Cosca Proff adhesive);
  • Painting Scotch tape.

Attention! Prior to start the installation of the cornices, moldings and skirting boards made of eco-polymer the walls and ceilings in the premise shall be leveled and fully ready for the finishing.


Mounting options for the ceiling skirting board:

A. After wall covering by the wallpaper.
B. Mounting on the prepared walls prior to wall covering by the wallpaper. This method is preferable since in the future when dismantling the wallpaper you will not have to dismantle the molding.

A difficult part for self-assembly is the trimming the skirting board to get the connection in the corners without gaps. It is recommended to use the miter box for cutting the skirting boards to avoid the gaps during the installation. It is better to start the plinth starting from the corners. It's easier and more convenient to install the angle items at first and then add straight sections. Try, if necessary, that there would be the factory cuts in the junctions of the skirting boards with a straight edge as this will simplify the process of hiding the seams. For the mounting we recommend using a professional adhesive of Cosca Proff line, it can also be applied as the finishing filler of seams and joints. After hiding the seams, remove the excess by the damp sponge.

We draw your attention to the fact that all gaps resulting from the work should be sealed.

2.  The MOLDINGS. Installation.

For the installation of moldings it is necessary to make a preliminary marking of the walls

The moldings can be glued directly to the wall and in this case you should adjust the wallpaper for them. It's easier to glue on the wallpaper plus it can help to hide the shortcomings on the surface.

After applying the marking the moldings made of the eco-polymer shall be cut. Using the miter box or trimming saw you will get the skewed angle.
The moldings made of eco-polymer are adhered to the surface by glue or by means of the self-tapping screws. When installing the moldings made of the eco-polymer (we recommend using Cosca Proff) the adhesive is applied to the back of the finished item and then it is kept according to the instructions and then pressed against the surface of the wall or ceiling. In this position it is immovable until fully set. The technique requires skill although at first sight it seems rather simple.

If for installation the self-tapping screws are used then after installation it is necessary that the fixing points shall be treated by the putty or the adhesive for the butt joint. Similarly the angle connection shall be treated.
Then the moldings can be painted in the required color.

3. FLOOR SKIRTING BOARD. Installation.

The floor skirting board made of the eco-polymer is installed on clean, dry, smooth walls with the final finishing (or prepared for such installation). For installation we recommend to use the professional adhesives of Cosca Proff line. The skirting board should be cut to lengths of the required length, for this purpose you can use the miter box or trimming saw.

The adhesive is applied to the inner surface of the skirting board with the use of glue gun. The thickness of the adhesive strips should be with the maximum cover on the surface and close the gap between the wall and skirting board. For this purpose prior to apply the glue you should adjust the skirting board to the wall.

After applying the glue the skirting board made of the eco-polymer should be pressed tightly against the wall and held for a while. The excess glue shall be removed by the damp sponge. The skirting board can be additionally strengthened by the self-tapping screws and then the fixing points are puttied.