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We invite the companies to become the participants in the dealer program for the sale of products made of the eco-polymer - the technological innovation in the moulding market.

The products made of the eco-polymer are design solutions which are based on the theoretical calculated and experimental data. Any product that we produce is pre-modeled and calculated on a PC and is also studied in the experimental conditions. We produce and sell the products made of the eco-polymer and we confident in its quality and reliable performance characteristics.

Working closely with the manufacturer is profitably:

  • We study the consumer market and offer the solutions that are in demand by the customer;
  • The leading designers of the company offer the actual visual solutions and the product cross-sections that can flesh out any premises;
  • Eco-polymer is the material with unique consumer properties.More details of the material;
  • We control the pricing;
  • We have developed a system of discounts that provides profitability to all our customers;
  • The experience of our work with the interior trim in the products market is more than 20 years and it allows to talk about the ability to build the long-term business relationships with us.

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