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The choice of finishing materials begins with taking care of yourself and others. The creation of suitable space for the rest and work can be done due to the thoughtful decoration of the interior.

What do conscious consumers choose today?

The convenience in use and budget saving, the innovations in technologies and harmlessness for environment - that's what excites the customers when making a commercial transaction.


Correctly selected materials for the interior finishing cover the needs of people who are keeping pace with the times.

Italian engineers took care of making the place of stay to be safe and comfortable namely: creating the environmentally friendly and economical material of the new generation - Сosca ECOPOLYMER..

ECOPOLYMER was developed three years ago in the Cosca research center in Genoa Italia – the building material that meets the requirements of the market of our century. The new material combines past experience and scientific innovations.

ECOPOLYMER is a high-tech polymer designed to provide the market of building materials with the demanded products for designers and specialized experts for the interior finishing.

3-eco4-ecoThe formula of the eco-polymer is pure and processed polystyrene with natural oils (natural plasticizing agent). The technology of recuperation reduces the quatity of waste.

ECOPOLYMER is safe for people and pets.

The low weight, favorable strength and toughness, guarantee the shock resistance. The material is both lightweight and durable which will ensure the unchanging geometry in the decor elements. ECOPOLYMER consists of the minimum of chemical raw materials due to the large volume of air in the material.

5-ecoThe products can be painted by the water based paints. Installation is simple with the help of universal adhesive or self-tapping screws.

ECOPOLYMER is the stable material; the products made of ECOPOLYMER keep the original geometry for the whole lifetime.

6-eco ECOPOLYMER Cosca is the technological innovation that rapidly occupies a strong place in the world of interior decoration.
The employees of Russian division of Cosca have mastered the new technology at every stage of the product development and produce the professional line of interior decor from the eco-polymer, including the high-strength cornices, floor skirting boards, moldings and other decor elements